Unusual nineties for a reasonable price. Fiat Tipo is available, which will not only impress with its digital deck

An F1 pilot rode with him

The offered Tipo is special in its history. It is the millionth produced specimen, which was ceremoniously handed over to the F1 pilot of the Ferrari team in September 1990. It happened after the race in Monza, Italy. The pilot was none other than Nigel Mansell. The British origin of the rider is referred to by the unusual color British Racing Green for Tipo, the plaque placed in the interior also recalls a special history. By the way, on the same day as Mansell, Alain Prost also received a special Tipo. His copy was blue for a change.

The special green Tipo, which Nigel Mansell has owned for about a year, is currently being auctioned at catawiki.com. Specifically, it is a specimen equipped with a gasoline four-cylinder with a volume of 1.8 liters with an output of 112 hp. It has a mileage of approximately 82,000 kilometers. The car should be in good condition. It has only one minor disadvantage for domestic operation, namely right-hand drive.

The highest bid at the time of writing this article was only six thousand euros, the expected selling price is eight to ten thousand. If we consider that in the advertisements there are preserved, but otherwise quite ordinary pieces, for example for 6500 euros, then it is quite an attractive offer. But don’t think for too long, the auction will literally end in a few hours.

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