Unusual: You will not be at the restart of the tournament for going to buy toothpaste

Before the stop forced by the expansion of the pandemic of coronavirus last March 13, the FC Augsburg had decided to fire his coach, the Swiss Martin Schmidt. After almost a year in office, the former Wolfsburg coach could not overcome the streak of poor results of the last dates, which included a 5-0 win against Eintracht Frankfurt and two consecutive defeats against Mönchengladbach (2-3) and Bayern Munich (0-2). Schmidt left the team 5 points from relegation.

The day after Schmidt was fired, on March 10, the leadership of the southern German team made a controversial decision by hiring Heiko Herrlich (48) as coach. Herrlich had been very successful as a player, winning the Champions League and Intercontinental in 1997 for Borussia Dortmund, but his coach numbers weren’t good: after directing in the German youth, his last stint at Leverkusen (where he is an idol as a footballer) in 2018 ended in poor results.

However, Augsburg hoped that Herrlich’s experience as a leading footballer and coach of youth players inspired recovery from a squad whose main figures have not yet reached the age of 25: midfielders Marco Richter (22) and Iago (23-year-old Brazilian) and 22-year-old Venezuelan forward Sergio Córdova are the hopes of this club from the Bavaria region. to stay in the first division of German football, which they reached in 2011.

On the return to Bundesliga activity, Augsburg will face Wolfsburg at their stadium, the Augsburg Arena, this Saturday at 10.30am. But contradicting its reputation as a role model, Herrlich made a serious slip and now must wait to sit on the bench of alternates with their managers: Thursday, at a press conference, He admitted leaving the hotel where the team was isolated to go to the supermarket to buy toothpaste., thus breaking the quarantine.

As a result, Augsburg announced that Herrlich (who is also a risk patient for successfully overcoming a brain tumor in 2000, when he was a Dortmund player) will not lead the team until he has failed two tests. of COVID-19. “I made a mistake when leaving the hotel“The coach admitted in a statement.”I did not honor my role as an example for the club and the public and I must face the consequences of my actions, so I will not lead the team on Saturday“, full.


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