Unvaccinated about corona pass and code black: ‘I am only getting more determined’

Marjon (50, Netherlands) spoke in August about her reasons for not being vaccinated against corona: “I am surprised that corona is seen as an A-disease, I see it more like the Mexican flu, for example. I also use medicines. against rheumatism, I think it’s too daring to combine those syringes with this brand new vaccine.”

How are you now?

“Because of the corona pass, I compromise on health. For me as a rheumatism patient, sports is extremely important to stay pain-free and that is not possible now. It is impossible for me to always test before exercising. The sjeu is gone.”

But according to the cabinet, the corona admission ticket is necessary to fight corona. How do you see that?

“I feel pressured to be vaccinated by the government and society. I find it horrific that the cabinet even wants to go to 2G. Then everyone who may be infected – but has not been tested – will still come together, so it is is a false sense of security. And I will give up even more: shops, bookstores, fairs, the hairdresser and the beautician. I am also scared that people don’t care that others are excluded. Since the summer, the misunderstanding and polarization have worsened.”

Healthcare is under heavy pressure and vaccination reduces the risk of hospitalization. Isn’t that a reason to get vaccinated?

“No, I am only more convinced of my decision not to take a vaccination against corona. It is not safe with my medication. The fact that the effectiveness of a vaccine is decreasing and there will be booster on booster have strengthened my decision. My life may never be complete again, temporarily or longer, because of not vaccinating. But I really don’t dare to risk my health. As for my teenage son: I continue to find it unnecessary for children, the long-term risks do not weigh against the short-term gain.”

Is there a time when you will be vaccinated?

“I was told that vaccination against corona is mandatory in Austria and Germany. If I have to do it in the Netherlands, I still don’t want to. If I am no longer allowed to work, I will no longer work, despite the loss of income. The strangest of all I think that a policy that would be about health turns out to be very unhealthy: no sports, dancing, singing, laughing, mental blows, hostility and arguing, corona kilos. We are all becoming unhealthier by the day.

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