Up in arms! NASA Captures Stunning Images of the Eclipse from Space

Capture NASA when you get a picture / NASA

JAKARTA, kilat.com- Solar eclipse is a miracle to be seen if seen from Earth first. Not all of us are fortunate enough to experience this wonder of nature.

If a celestial event is so impressive from our planet, imagine how it must captivate those who view it from space! For those of us who didn’t choose being an astronaut as a career choice, NASA comes to the rescue.

In a solar eclipse, the Moon lies between the Earth and the Sun in such a way that its shadow falls on the Earth. Depending on how far the Moon blocks the Sun, there are three types of solar eclipses.

What NASA clicked on was a partial solar eclipse. It has been clicked by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). SDO is an observatory NASA in the sky.

It launched in 2010. SDO recorded a 35-minute partial solar eclipse from space on Wednesday (June 29). Over the past 12 years, observations made by SDO have been very useful for understanding the Sun.

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“SDO observations begin in the Sun’s interior with the solar dynamo of the Sun’s inner rotation creating its magnetic field and driving space weather. Further, SDO observes the sun’s surface to directly measure the Sun’s magnetic field and atmosphere. To understand how magnetic energy is related to interior and converted into space weather-causing events. Finally, SDO measures the Sun’s extreme ultraviolet radiation, which is a key driver of the structure and composition of Earth’s upper atmosphere,” NASA said on its website. (nda)

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