up to 130 GB at a reduced price on the Bouygues Telecom non-binding range

Bouygues Telecom is a leading operator in the mobile plan market. Its B & You no-obligation subscription brand has been a big part of its success over the years and has helped it attract millions of customers. Its offers combine very good value for money, flexibility and full transparency.

The first mobile plan includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, 100 GB of data (including 12 GB usable in the EU and the DOM) for only 14.99 euros per month. This is the best value for money in the B & You range from Bouygues Telecom. This provides you with a large amount of data each month for a price below the symbolic bar of 15 euros.

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But Bouygues Telecom does not stop there and it declines this subscription in two versions of 70 GB and 130 GB. The prices are respectively 12.99 euros and 19.99 euros per month. As always, calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited. If you want to lower your budget or consume more data, these two solutions should appeal to you.

Bouygues Telecom’s latest mobile plan is aimed at users who use very little data. This formula includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, 2 GB of data (usable in France, the EU and the overseas departments) for 4.99 euros per month. For those who don’t have a phone – or those who have limited internet usage on them, this is a great plan.

B & You, a strong brand

For a long time, Bouygues Telecom has only relied on its packages with commitment (Sensation offer). For almost a decade, it has also given its customers the possibility of subscribing to more flexible, non-binding subscriptions. This B & You range therefore caters to a younger audience, looking for reduced prices and packages that can be managed entirely online.

Subscribing to a B & You package is easy, with just a few clicks. From the Bouygues Telecom site, all you have to do is choose your subscription (2, 70, 100 or 130 GB) and follow the dematerialized process. If you have a current subscription elsewhere, you can cancel it by requesting your RIO code. Bouygues Telecom takes care of making the transfer. You can follow the progress and management of your package directly on the interfaces (web or mobile).

Choosing a no-obligation mobile plan with Bouygues Telecom gives you access to services at reduced prices. This is the case of the Onoff service (an application to temporarily rent a phone number), the Norton antivirus, Pleyo as well as the B.tv application. Edited by the operator, the latter gives you access to 70 TV channels on your smartphone and the data will not be deducted from your monthly allowance.

A limited-time offer

In recent years, telecom operators have been forced to be less generous to their customers. In this case, with the 5G site, they have to take charge of significant investments to bring themselves up to standard. They are therefore forced to limit promotions to meet their costs.

It is for this reason that we see fewer and fewer offers. That said, when you see packages like those in the B & You range being at such attractive prices, it is well worth looking into. With the offers put forward all weekend, it would be a shame to miss it. You can make great savings with an operator known and recognized for its quality.

You will need to subscribe to one of the B & You packages before March 24 (Wednesday) to take advantage of these advantageous prices. At any time, please know that you have the possibility to cancel your subscription.

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