up to 200 euros per month

A “lighter” paycheck than almost 200 euro every month. Here’s what i risk no-vax starting from 15 October, when for the world of work (both in the public and private sectors) the obligation of Green pass. And for the “hard and pure” against the vaccination that for that time they will not have yet immunized the backlash will be above all economic. A real sting, comparable to a sensitive cut of salary which otherwise would never occur under normal conditions. The reason? The cost of the repeated tampons by which i can be obtained Green pass temporary.

Green pass at work, that’s how much no-vax will spend on tampons

Hard times are coming, for the no-vax share that still remains present. And the controlled prices for tests in pharmacies will not be enough to greatly alleviate the “blow”. First of all, the rule that will come into force starting from October 15th must be remembered. The worker – public or private – who does not have a valid Green pass available will not be suspended (in principle it was thought that this sanction could also be reached), but will be considered unjustified absent. In a nutshell, he will not risk his job, but he will no longer receive one euro of salary until he is in good standing. A softer measure (but not that much) than the one in force for the school world, but still burdensome for the worker. The only solution, for an irreducible no-vax who has not yet convinced himself to proceed with the vaccination, will be that of the repeated swab. And here will come the sting. Rapid antigenic tests, that is, the cheapest, in pharmacies are now on sale at controlled prices. Fifteen euros. Molecular swabs, on the other hand, can also reach 80-100 euros. The difference is the duration of the outcome: the antigenic lasts 48 hours, the molecular 72.

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A “normal” worker, ie busy on weekdays, should have a quick swab every 48 hours. The result is immediately deducible. A simple calculation is enough. The will not to get vaccinated and to continue working. in fact, it will force a worker to carry out at least three quick tests every week, for a total of about 180 euros per month. The cost of molecular buffers is higher, but they last longer. On balance, the economic impact on the pockets of the employee or self-employed worker is more or less the same. With the difference – not least – that the molecular buffer does not always guarantee an instant outcome. A big problem for those who have to go to work and need the green health pass to enter the company.
The expense doubles – obviously – if there are two no-vaxes in the family. In that case, the fallout for the nucleus is close to 400 euros. A nice monthly “hit” that could easily be avoided by booking the vaccine, which must be remembered is absolutely free and guarantees the Green pass not for two days, but for a whole year.


Despite this, there are unions such as the CGIL that still ask the government to free tampons for no-vax workers. A theme which, however, does not seem to have taken root much in the parts of Palazzo Chigi. The situation is different in the various private companies. There are companies that have chosen to pay tampons to their employees, but they represent a clear minority.

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