Technology Update for Doom Eternal installs controversial anti-cheat tool Denuvo...

Update for Doom Eternal installs controversial anti-cheat tool Denuvo – Gaming – News

regarding stages.
You do have a very short-term vision, that is indeed just as expensive as a video card.
Fast internet is not important, latency is, 35 mbps is not exciting, every basic abbo can.

Stages controller 130 euros + abbo 120 euros per year x 3 years = 360 euros.
360 + 130 = 490 euros you can buy an excellent video card.
And don’t forget to buy the chromecast ultra …
On average you do 3 years or more with a video card, and when you sell you also get something in return, but I do not count that.

This gtx1080 is already 2.5 years old and still no problem, before you start and the rest of the PC then well I need a PC for my office business and the rest, it is not just for gaming.

So make a fair comparison, this 7 year old barrer plays smoothly at 1440p @ 144hz, at 4k no idea because my screen can not handle it, you just have to have a 4k TV for it otherwise you can also buy it …

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