Tuesday July 28th, 2020 at 06:52 PM

1000 contact cases identified ….

Communicated :

From May 11 to July 26, 2020, 24,254 Covid 19 screening tests were carried out in Saône-et-Loire. 171 people tested positive and 1000 identified as contact cases.

On July 27, according to the regional health agency, 9 people with the Covid 19 virus were still hospitalized in hospitals and clinics in Saône-et-Loire. A patient was taken care of in intensive care, a person remained followed in follow-up care and rehabilitation. Since the start of the epidemic, 774 people had returned home after being hospitalized for Covid 19. In Saône-et-Loire, 201 people have died in hospitals as a result of Covid 19.

According to the epidemiological point of Public Health France of July 24, 2020, in Saône-et-Loire, 48 accommodation establishments for the elderly and dependent (EHPAD) had reported at least one case of Covid 19 between the 1is March and July 22. Over this same period, 505 residents and 380 staff were confirmed cases of Covid 19. Ninety-one residents had died of Covid 19 in EHPADs in Saône-et-Loire on July 23.

New screening campaigns by the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Regional Health Agency will be organized in coordination with the Primary Health Insurance Fund, in particular for vulnerable people (nearly 249,000 people affected in Saône-et-Loire) and seasonal workers.

The virus is still circulating. The prefect of Saône-et-Loire, Jérôme Gutton, calls for the maintenance of the individual and collective effort to block the coronavirus. Respect for barrier gestures is still relevant today and must, more than ever, be a priority.

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