Update on the promotion to FMS Spain after the Red Bull Spain National 2022

This Saturday, July 30, 2022, the National Final of Red Bull Battle Spain 2022 was held with Blon’s victory after beating Tirpa in the final.

Both Blon and Tirpa are already in FMS and did not add points, but the third classified yes, jesus lc.

Jesus LC, Mounts and Botta were the main beneficiaries of yesterday’s event. Here we leave you with the ranking after the rank 1 event.

1 JESUS ​​LC 90.500
2 MOUNTS 67.600
3 NACHO LCM 58.150
4 VIVI 53.750
5 LE33 46.150
6 SKIPPER 45.000
7 MARIO VI 40.150
8 ARMY 35.600
9 BOTTA 35.200
10 GARZA 35.000

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