US abortion, reactions in Italy to yesterday’s sentence

The only voice out of the chorus “My heart fills with joy” is that of Simone Pillon, the Northern League senator pickaxe of the Zan bill. For the rest, in the aftermath of the historic supreme court ruling that in the United States has made the ban on abortion possible, in Italy there is a flood of dissent. And of dismay. In the political world and beyond. “The decision of the American Court onabortion it was a serious mistake because it is the daughter of an ideological turn – says the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta, in Rapallo for the Confindustria youth conference – The Court, radically changed by Trump, simultaneously said no to women and yes to arms. Frankly, it is a disconcerting choice that had no motivation and that will bring back very strong tensions in the United States; but it is an American choice that will have no effect in Europe and that will have no consequences in Italy. “Always at the forefront of civil rights, Riccardo Magi di + europa says that the American sentence is “an ideological decision and, one might say, theological rather than based on law. It is an undeniable success of that front of that reactionary political front, welded with forms of religious fundamentalism, which finds in the negation of freedom of choice and individual freedoms are their own reason for being. A front that has found expression at the highest levels of American institutions, first with Trump and, thanks to him, also in the Supreme Court “. And again, Magi continues: “Abortions will continue in the name of the ‘right to life’, and only women will lose it, especially the poorest ones. As for the debate in our country, the worst comments come from men over sixty and often without children. Among them also high Catholic prelates who explain to us that now thanks to this sentence it is time to open a reflection also in Italy. But truly men of faith think that we can open a reflection that unites – as they like to say – starting from decisions that cause suffering and jeopardize women’s health as well as deny their freedom of choice? Those who now rightly intend to mobilize to defend civil rights should be reminded that it needs to be done every day and the most effective way is that to conquer the denied rights on the end of life, on LGBTQI + equality, on repressive drug policies “.

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The sentence ‘Roe vs. Wade ‘, with whom in 1973 the same Court had legalized theabortion in the US “it cancels half a century of battles for women’s rights and tells us that we must never consider progress as acquired forever”, writes the Minister of Health on Facebook Roberto Speranza. “We have to keep fighting every day so that there is never going back.” “Invereconda”, thus the overseas choice bubble, the Minister of Agricultural Policies and M5s exponent, Stefano Patuanelli which urges: We keep away from Italy and Europe these extreme ideological impulses that nullify the rights of women “. And again.” A decision that brings the America of rights back 50 years. An ideological decision inspired by the reactionary right which on the one hand protects the right to kill life with arms and on the other affects the right of choice of women “, he writes on Twitter Sandra Zampa, Head of Health Pd. “The right to terminate a pregnancy is to be counted among the social achievements on which it is not possible to step back. Obscurantist drifts that jeopardize the freedom of choice of every woman are not admissible”. More outrage on Facebook. Proof of this is Giuseppe Conte: “What is happening in the US, with seven states that have already taken steps to preclude this possibility, is alarming. Everyone is free to have their own personal thoughts on the point, and to act on the basis of their own convictions, but seeing some Italian politicians celebrating while millions of women find themselves deprived of this possibility must make us think. In Italy, law 194 has guaranteed this faculty since 1978, offering a balanced solution. We will not allow it to be questioned. we will allow a return to the past “.

From Texas to Louisiana: all American states that will ban abortion

by Massimo Basile

June 24, 2022

But the bewilderment does not come only from the political world. The writer Dacia Maraini in Pesaro where he received the “Passaggi 2022” award, he speaks of a perverse decision. “Let’s face it – he explains -: it is a sentence that goes backwards with respect to human rights. Even if I think that this society was suitable for women, there would be no abortion. Abortion, unfortunately, is a request of the women who have always been prevented from having the freedom to manage their own bodies. But if there was a woman-friendly society, I repeat, there would be no abortion at all. So, I would say that it is a sad achievement, based on violence, always on violence. No woman likes to have an abortion, but if for centuries the possibility of using contraceptives was not given, they were forbidden, the woman rightly considers it a right “.

The Northern League player gloats instead Simone Pillon who, in black and white, expressed all his satisfaction via social media, also fielding San Giovanni Battista. “Thinking back to the extraordinary sentence of the US Supreme Court still fills my heart with joy – he writes on Facebook – Joy for the children who will be saved from death. Joy for mothers and fathers who will finally be helped to choose for life. Joy for the younger generations who will be able to be educated to know the sacredness of life always “.” The whole world – continues Pillon – is indebted to those six courageous judges who, despite threats, sabotage, censorship, aggression and hatred, have been able to keep going, writing pages that will remain in history forever. All this on the day of the Sacred Heart and in the memory of St. John the Baptist, who recognized the Lord while both were still in the womb of their mothers. To us the battle, to God the victory “.

E Giorgia Meloni he intervenes by saying that Italy should not be compared to America on this issue because “They are two different realities and those who do so are probably in bad faith or have ideological objectives”. And explains, the leader of the Brothers of Italy: “We will simply continue to ask, and to work, why the first part of the 194, relating to prevention, is applied, and to give women who want it a possibility of choice other than that, too. often obliged, ofabortion“.

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