US Antitrust Guard warns Facebook, Amazon and Google

Critical anti-trust guardian

Makan Delrahim wants to trim the internet giant for more competition.

(Photo: AP)

DusseldorfThe threats from Washington against the Internet giants in Silicon Valley are gaining in severity. At a conference in Israel, the head of the US Antitrust Authority in the Ministry of Justice, Makan Delrahim, sends clear warnings in the direction of Amazon. Apple. Google and Facebook. reports the “Financial Times”,

Low prices and free products alone would not save Internet monopolists from further investigation, Delrahim said. In his speech, the contest keeper points to prominent historical examples of monopolists whose strong market power has been shattered by the state – from Standard Oil AT & T up to Microsoft,

In the field of Internet search, social networks and operating systems for mobile phones, there are now only one or two maximum relevant providers, according to Delrahim. Also, the market for electronic books or online advertising is in the hand of less Internet giants, the cartel guard is to concerns.

That slows down the progress. “Like today's tech giants, Standard Oil was once a pioneer and produced many important patents,” says Delrahim. As a monopolist, however, the oil company had scientifically proven to produce fewer innovations – and was eventually shattered by the state. Any behavior that precludes competition, such as exclusive agreements or cooperation, must therefore be examined by the authorities.

Thus, the pressure on the Internet giants is also growing in the US home market. Because with Delrahim, who took over in 2017 the office of the competition guard, the classic market understanding of the Republican back in Washington. Again and again, demands were made among the ranks of Democrats and Republicans to crush the Internet giants.

Together, the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) tightened legislation to hold the technology giant accountable under antitrust law. Thus, the US seems to be more and more role models for Europe, where Google was recently condemned by the Commission for antitrust violations to a fine of 4.3 billion euros.

More: Google, Facebook and Co. are targeted by the US competition guardian. With that, Europe and the US are finally pulling together again. For the tech companies, it is now uncomfortable in the US.

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