HOUSTON – Chinese Consul General in Houston, Cai Wei said, he was quite surprised to learn that Washington ordered the closure of the consulate in Houston. He said, the United States (US) did not provide evidence of alleged espionage activities to strengthen the closure order.

“I know, Americans call that rule of law and you are innocent until you are proven guilty,” Cai said in an interview with ABC 13, when asked to comment on Washington’s claim that the Consulate General was involved in economic espionage.

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“Well, if you say we have done something wrong, so give us some evidence. If not, we are innocent, until you prove it,” he continued, as reported by Sputnik on Thursday (7/23/2020).

Cai urged the US to examine the facts and emphasize that whether one has become a top diplomat, or a very junior diplomat, the first lesson is to have to tell the truth.

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