US comedy: “Good Boys”: Sixth graders sniff adult air


In fact, the eponymous “Good Boys” are pretty gracious and rather mannered (B) angels who felt they had not outgrown the wind age for too long.

Produced by comedy experts such as Seth Rogen (“Ananas Express”), however, the film sends the three sixth graders on such a fast-paced as challenging discovery tour of not always so easy to decipher the adult world. It is important to clarify immensely relevant questions: What are these funny tampons for? And, more importantly, how do you kiss properly?

Before the three friends Max (wonderful: known from the thrilling abduction thriller “Space” known Jacob Tremblay), Thor (Brady Noon) and Lucas (Keith L. Williams) but on their first Knutschparty allowed, it applies, the drone of Max 'Daddy get it back. With this, the twelve-year-olds had tried to gain important insights into sex and kisses from neighboring teen girls.

The drone mission goes awry, the small flying object is lost – which means that participation in the kiss party is in danger. So the Trio Infantile set out to recover the aircraft, which turns out to be much more difficult than expected. And the school, the three of them still trivialize and are actually changing more and more from angels to scamps.

Although some in this film by director Gene Stupnitsky recalls already established cinema works. If the three guys are swinging on their BMX bikes, for example, to roll casually through the neighborhood, then you have to think of “E.T.” for a moment. Sometimes you feel as if you are in a version of the legendary bachelor farewell comedy “Hangover”, which is not entirely youth-free but clearly defused. On the other hand, there are scenes like the following that clearly locate the film in the here and now of a parenting world populated by helicopter parents: “My mom drives us to the frozen yogurt shop when your mom picks us up!”.

Also interesting is the development that takes this allegedly so filthy, supposedly so gag affine comedy: “Good Boys” namely is a movie in which (in fact, getting used to and not always stylish) jingling around anal balls, sex dolls and oversized dildos successively becomes a minor matter – but the intimate friendship that connects Thor, Max and Lucas becomes more and more the main thing.

– Good Boys, USA 2019, 90 min., FSK 12, by Gene Stupnitsky, with Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, Brady Noon


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