US Considers New Sanctions Against Iranian Oil Sales to China

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The United States (US) is considering tougher sanctions against Iran’s oil sales China.

Steps taken by the government Joe Biden considered as a way to encourage Teheran conclude the nuclear deal and increase the costs of resolving stalled negotiations.

Launch WSJUS negotiators have been working with European and other international partners in Vienna since April 2021 to revive the 2015 deal, which limited Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for broad sanctions relief.

When the talks faltered, the US exercised the option of either encouraging Iran to continue negotiating or (if not) punishing it, according to US officials and people familiar with the matter.

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US President Joe Biden speaks during a July 4 BBQ event to celebrate Independence Day on the South Lawn of the White House July 4, 2021 in Washington, DC (Alex Wong/Getty Images/AFP)

The official said a plan being drafted would stop selling Iranian crude to China, the country’s main client.

New steps will be taken if nuclear talks fail, officials said.

The plan would involve aggressive enforcement of sanctions that currently prohibit transactions with Iran’s oil and shipping industries through new designations or legal action.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping while serving as Vice President of China, held a meeting with US Vice President Biden, in 2011. (

In the past, the US sanctioned the captains of Iranian crude oil tankers bound for Syria and had their cargo of fuel confiscated Teheran is Venezuela.

“There is not much left for sanctions in the Iranian economy. Iranian oil sales to China is his gift, “said a U.S. official.

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No decision has yet been made to proceed, officials said.

There is a risk that the effort could backfire as it pushes Iran to accelerate its nuclear program.

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