US, former agent Derek Chauvin will appeal after the conviction for the murder of George Floyd: “Errors in the trial”

Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer convicted in the first degree for the murder of George Floyd, announced that will recur in appeal. The man was sentenced in the first instance to 22 years and 6 months in prison, a symbolic sentence against the violence of the police against the African American community. But second Reuters intends to challenge the Minnesota Court Ben 14 irregularities related to his trial last June: these included some violations related to the judge’s discretion, the court’s denial to change the seat and other errors in key points of the case.

Chauvin had been found guilty by a jury of Pre-Intentional Murder second degree murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter in the death of Floyd, which occurred on May 25, 2020. Initially 30 years were asked for him. The former agent was also federally charged for violating Floyd’s civil rights: a video showed him pressing his knee on the neck of the victim – helpless and asking to be able to breathe – for nine and a half minutes. It was precisely from those images that collective indignation arose, which then led to the movement’s protests Black Lives Matter.

Now Chauvin wants to challenge the verdict by accusing the state of judicial misconduct. Among the complaints – presented in a document – appear “prejudicial conduct of the prosecution”, the lack of “evidence regarding the use of force” seen in the courtroom and the transcript of private interviews, the addition of the accusation of third party murder degree, in addition to numerous decisions of the judge, Peter Cahill, on the trial: he denied moving the case from the county Hennepin – due to its public nature – before the start of the hearings, to then postpone it and ask for a new one, and not having taken the necessary measures toisolation of the jury. The former policeman also filed a motion to suspend the appeal until the Minnesota Supreme Court will not provide you with a defender of office. The legal obligation to do so has in fact lapsed with the conviction. Since he will no longer be able to take advantage of the legal defense fund of the Minneapolis Peace and Police Officers Association, In fact, Chauvin will not be able to afford a lawyer: he has no other income – according to what he declares – in addition to nominal salary of the prison.

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