US Government Finds Mysterious Bottle With Smallpox Label In A Lab – The United States recently reported the discovery of a mysterious bottle labeled smallpox in a laboratory. The bottles were found in a Philadelphia lab refrigerator Monday night.

The FBI and the US Centers for Control of Infectious Diseases (CDC) are investigating what happened behind the incident. Quoted from The Sun, there are 15 mysterious bottles found.

There were 10 of them labeled ‘Vaccinia’ and the remaining five were labeled the lethal ‘Smallpox’. According to one source who obtained an undisclosed copy of the For Official Use Only warning, the bottles were immediately secured.

The discovery of the vials forced the lab facility to finally be locked down, which has since been revoked. Smallpox is considered so dangerous that only two laboratories in the world are allowed to store samples of the virus, one in Russia and the other at the Atlanta, Georgia CDC.

Scientists have debated whether any samples of smallpox remained due to the unknown dangers it can pose. Only a small percentage of Americans are vaccinated against smallpox and their immunity will naturally diminish over time.

The CDC will arrive at the scene to pick up the bottles and will take them to another facility for testing. Neither the CDC nor the FBI have publicly commented.

Smallpox was once a common global disease that caused the tiny blood vessels in the skin, mouth, and throat to become infected and cause horrible stains that then spread throughout the body.

During the 20th century, smallpox cases reported at least 300-400 million deaths and in 1967 the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that about 15 million people had the disease, two million of whom died.

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Fortunately after various vaccination campaigns during the 19th and 20th centuries, smallpox was deemed to have been eradicated globally in 1979 by the WHO.

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