US Internet companies: With Google and Amazon bubbles billions in profits

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Billions are bubbling up at Google and Amazon

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Google and Amazon drive billions in profits Google and Amazon drive billions in profits

Google and Amazon drive billions in profits

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The Silicon Valley corporations are doing business like never before. The parent company Alphabet has more than tripled profits in the quarter. Amazon increases its revenue again. And Apple is buying too much.

eSuccess makes lazy and stupid, mock the tech developers and managers in Silicon Valley, success makes stupid, In the Valley of Apple, Google and Amazon are countless successful companies. And the biggest ones seem to be neither sluggish nor too dull. The profits are bubbling like never before.

Google's parent company Alphabet more than tripled its net income to $ 9.95 billion in the second quarter. Sales rose 19 percent to just under $ 39 billion. The share price rose almost seven percent after-hours to a good 1210 dollars per share.

And the world's largest online retailer Amazon has increased its net sales in the second quarter by about 20 percent to $ 63.4 billion. On the bottom line, Amazon earned $ 2.63 billion from $ 2.53 billion a year earlier.

Amazon is now the most valuable brand in the world

Amazon is the world's most valuable brand for the first time. This leaves the online retailer and technology company long-time leaders Apple and Google behind. The market research firm Kantar estimates the market value of Amazon at 315.5 billion dollars.

Source: WORLD / Nicole Fuchs-Wiecha

Although Apple is no longer the big run as in the days of Steve Jobs, but after all, had in the recent quarterly figures, the expectations of investors exceeded. Although sales had fallen by five percent compared to the same quarter last year to $ 58 billion and the profit by 16 percent to $ 11.6 billion. However, the manufacturer of iPhone, iPad and the Mac computer with these numbers exceeded the forecasts of analysts.

Apple is doing so well and so are the expectations in the mobile phone business that the iPhone manufacturer has bought the chip manufacturer Intel, the majority of its specialized on smartphone modems division. With the approximately one billion dollar deal about 2200 employees will move to Apple, a large part of it in Germany.

Uber has further start problems

Intel will continue to be able to develop mobile modems for PCs, autonomous cars, and connected devices in the Internet of Things, for example.

The chip company Intel itself had recorded a decline in sales and profits in the past quarter – but still performed better than expected. PC processors, the largest segment of the group, saw revenue grow by one percent to $ 8.8 billion. By contrast, the data center business saw a significant drop of ten percent to $ 5 billion.

Starting problems, however, has the Valley newcomer Uber. The car broker had written deep red numbers at the beginning of the year, but at least posted a strong increase in sales. In the first quarter, a loss of one billion US dollars (900 million euros) was incurred.

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In the same period last year, there had been a profit of $ 3.8 billion, which, however, was due to high special income through sales of foreign investments.

But Uber can still catch up. Since the mobility company is not yet successful after winning numbers, there is no danger that the team will be too slow in the near term.

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