US investors cash in – Uber share crashes

Traders on the New York Stock Exchange

On Thursday, the major US stock indices closed significantly in positive territory.

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new York After the recent rally, some US investors took the opportunity to take profit. Given the smoldering customs dispute with China, they wanted to play it safe before the weekend, said Börsianer. The Dow Jones benchmark index was down 0.92 percent, the Nasdaq technology index lost 1.38 percent, and the broader S & P 500 was down about 1 percent.

Investors nervously made a media report claiming that the Washington administration was delaying the licensing of US-Huawei business. The Chinese network equipment supplier is on a blacklist of the US.

In Germany was the Dax this Friday weighed down by political tensions in Rome. He closed 1.28 percent in the down. At the same time won the BavarianIn the morning, shares temporarily exceed 11 percent, according to a report for Bayer seeking thousands of glyphosate lawsuits for a $ 8 billion settlement in the US. The top mediator in the dispute, however, denied this report in the afternoon, after which the stock temporarily slipped into the dark, to close 2.64 percent in the plus.

Single values ​​in focus

With the US individual values ​​broke the OverShares by as much as ten percent after the carrier-mediator has presented catastrophic business figures. The paper fell as hard as it had in three months.

Over six times its quarterly loss to $ 5.2 billion. In sum, Uber has amassed net losses of over $ 6 billion in the first six months of 2019 alone.

"Despite low expectations, Uber has disappointed in almost every way," said investment strategist Michael Hewson of broker CMC Markets. "Losses of this magnitude do not indicate a sustainable business model."

In the wake of Uber lost the title of rival Lyft temporarily close to five percent. The day before they had risen, after Lyft had reported a surprisingly large jump in sales in the quarter.

A disappointing quarterly result, Dropbox drops the biggest price slide in the company's history. The shares of the Cloudspreicher provider fell by up to 13.2 percent to $ 18.63. The price was only 13 US cents above its record low of December 2018. In the wake of Dropbox, the title of the rival box slipped by 3.2 percent.

According to the company, the number of paying customers in the past quarter grew to 13.6 from 13.2 million. This is the weakest growth since the IPO about one and a half years ago.

In addition, the average revenue per user fell short of expectations, wrote analyst Rishi Jaluria Research House D.A. Davidson. The question now is whether Dropbox could boost customer growth again or concentrate on expanding its profit margins.

In sales and profits, however, the company exceeded the analyst forecasts. Revenues increased 18 percent to $ 401.5 million, and the surplus excluding special items was $ 0.10 per share.

The US food company Power Heinz was recently down more than 4 percent in the min. On Thursday, the stock had temporarily slumped by eight percent, after the manufacturer of Heinz ketchup or Philadelphia cream cheese had reported that write-downs and other charges in the first half of the year to one billion dollars added up. The profit had halved to $ 854 million.

In light of the media report on US-Huawei business licenses, investors divested technology companies that are usually sensitive to news of the trade conflict. So lost the shares of the chip maker Intel and Micron up to 3 percent. "As long as we do not get tangible answers as to how US President Donald Trump's government wants to continue with China, there will be frequent price swings," said Andre Bakhos, managing director of wealth advisor New Vines.

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