US judge: Qualcomm has to pay a billion dollars


To lose to Qualcomm in the great controversy over patents and licenses with Apple: a US judge has now decided that a discount payment from Qualcomm to Apple is still open for an amount of nearly 1 billion US dollars, as the agency of press Reuters reported. According to the chip maker, the payment was dropped from Apple's legal action – this was rejected by the California court now.

The sum of $ billion is due to an agreement between the companies that granted Apple a bonus payment on the fees already paid to Qualcomm by the contract manufacturers for the iPhone – provided that the iPhone manufacturer does not present any cause or competition complaint against Qualcomm.

Qualcomm's argument that he was released from previous payments due to the Apple lawsuit "is unfounded," the judge said. Apple filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm only after the end of the agreement between the companies – according to Qualcomm it is therefore also "not retroactively released from the payment obligations of the past".

The decision will be finalized only after the main hearing, which begins in April, takes over the news agency. Qualcomm is unlikely to directly regulate the residual amount.

Manufacturers of Apple contracts have already set up after the start of the dispute two years ago their license payments for the production of iPhone to Qualcomm, including the amount of billions to be dropped. IPhone contract manufacturers, including Foxconn, are demanding at least $ 9 billion in compensation from Qualcomm for supposedly illegal license payments. According to Qualcomm's vision, Apple now owes the chip maker 7 billion dollars.

Apple accuses Qualcomm of collecting fees for patents twice – from the costs of portable radio chips and also from license fees on all devices. Since then, companies have been running an international dispute over patents and licenses.




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