US Military Biological Research Activities A Threat to the World


Researchers work in the laboratory. Photo/REUTERS

MOSCOW – Russia is worried about the United States (US) large-scale biological research program, both at home and abroad.

The Russians are particularly concerned given that Washington has acknowledged the “dual-use nature” of the research.

This was revealed by the commander of the Russian Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, who spoke during a briefing on Saturday (26/11/2022).

He demanded greater international oversight of such programmes.

“The Pentagon’s military biological activity in various regions of the world is one source of risk that threatens the entire international community,” Kirillov said.

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He explained, “The US is trying to increase its biological military potential, as well as expand its global control over the biological situation in the world.” He cited US strategic documents himself.

The US National Biodefense Strategy, adopted in October 2022, did say the country “recognizes the dual-use nature of life sciences and biotechnology”.

The US also said Washington was “trying to prevent misuse of science and technology”.

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