US Pig ‘Apocalypse’ Contagious to China, this is the proof

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – ‘The pig apocalypse that is now afflicting the US seems to have spread to China. The spike in pork prices has in fact also occurred in the Bamboo Curtain country.

The price of the food commodity jumped 34.9% cumulatively over the last five weeks. In fact, pork is the staple food of Chinese people who are prepared at the table of every household in the state.

“The weekly price of wholesale pork has increased for five weeks, reaching 24.02 yuan (Rp 53.6 thousand) per kilogram,” he said. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China to Global Times, quoted Tuesday (11/23/2021).

There are important factors behind this increase. A butcher in Beijing confessed demand is rising sharply for the ongoing cold but supply is unable to keep up with it.

The same thing was also voiced by one consumer. A consumer surnamed Yan said that with winter coming, many families would make pork balls and save minced pork for dumplings.

“This increases demand,” he said.

However, Wang Zuli, deputy researcher at the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that this increase was still common. Because the price of pork had declined in the first half of 2021.

“The increase in pork prices indicates an increase in Chinese consumption with strong consumer purchasing power,” he added.

Previously, a sharp spike in pork prices occurred in the United States (US). For pork, the commodity price was reported to have increased by around 14.1% compared to last year.

A number of media reported it by calling the phenomenon “the apocalypse of pork”. The reason is, the increase is feared to make it difficult for the state that consumes the most pork in the US, California, to get this special food.

This is due to supply problems due to the pandemic. This is also difficult for farmers to implement The new law on pig farming requires that the area of ​​the cage is more suitable for sows.

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