US regulator wants to stop acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft | Tech

The American competition watchdog FTC wants to prevent the acquisition of game developer Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. The regulator fears that the tech giant will restrict competition.

The acquisition was announced in January. Xbox maker Microsoft was willing to pay 69 billion dollars (more than 65 billion euros) for Activision Blizzard. That developer is known for, among other things, the games Call of Duty in World of Warcraft.

But if Microsoft brands like Call of Duty gets its hands on, according to the regulator, the tech company has “both the ability and the motive” to limit competition. For example, the price of Activision games or their quality on other game consoles could be adjusted and games or expansion sets could later become available for PlayStation players, for example.

The US is not the only one concerned about the planned takeover. The regulators in the European Union and the United Kingdom have also not yet approved the acquisition and are still looking at the consequences for the game market.

Earlier this week, Microsoft closed another one deal with PC game platform Steam and Nintendo, making Call of Duty becomes available there. The company also said it has offered Sony to Call of Dutygames for the PlayStation for another ten years, but the Japanese electronics company did not want to agree.

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