US scientists make face mask that lights up through corona

“Imagine being able to use it at airports if we wait to board,” MIT researcher Jim Collins told Business Insider. “You can wear it when you go to work, or hospitals can use it as an initial screening in the waiting area.”

Early stage

Previously, the scientists at MIT’s lab worked on the technology as a means to detect the Ebola and Zika virus. Now attention is shifted to the coronavirus. According to the scientists, the development is still at an early stage, but the team hopes to be able to demonstrate that the concept works in a few weeks.

In practice, biological sensors are placed on the inside of the mouth caps. If a person infected with the coronavirus breathes, coughs, or sneezes, the caps begin to emit a fluorescent light within one to three hours. It is not yet clear what shape the mouth masks will take.

Proven method

Over the years, the prestigious MIT laboratory has proven that the technology works to detect viruses, including the SARS virus, measles, hepatitis C and the flu.

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