US sends aircraft carrier, destroyers to support Israel in war

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The United States sent an aircraft carrier and destroyers this Sunday to the eastern Mediterranean to support Israel in the war unleashed with Gaza due to the Hamas attack on Israeli territory.

The Pentagon reported in a statement that it has mobilized the US Navy aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford, in addition to the guided missile cruiser USS Normandy, as well as the guided missile destroyers Thomas Hudner, USS Ramage, USS Carney and USS Rossevelt.

The Secretary of Defense of the United States, Lloyd Austin, has also announced that Washington will provide the Israeli army with “additional equipment and resources, including ammunition”between today Sunday and the next few days.

“The material support we are rapidly providing to Israel underscores the strong support of the United States to the Israel Defense Forces and the Israeli people,” Austin stressed.

The president of United States, Joe Bidenhe communicated in a call this Sunday to the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahuthat American “additional assistance” for his country was “on the way.”

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