US Should Not Withdraw Patriot Missiles From Saudi Arabia


RIYADH – Senior prince Saudi Arabia , Turki Al-Faisal, says United States of America (USA) should not withdraw the defense system Patriot missiles from the territory of the kingdom. The withdrawal of the defensive weapons made him wonder about Washington’s commitment to Riyadh.

Prince Turki Al-Faisal conveyed this in his interview with CNBC, which was launched Friday (10/9/2021).

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He was responding to a question about what the Middle East needs from the US after the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban.

“I think we need to be reassured about America’s commitment,” he said.

“It seems, for example, not to withdraw Patriot missiles from Saudi Arabia at a time when Saudi Arabia is the victim of missile strikes and drone strikes – not only from Yemen, but from Iran,” continued the former Saudi Arabian intelligence chief.

The US increased its military presence in Saudi Arabia in 2019, deploying two Patriot missile artillery batteries following attacks on the country’s oil facilities. Washington blamed Iran for the attack, although Tehran has denied the accusations.

In June this year, several media outlets reported that the Pentagon decided to withdraw air defense assets from the Middle East, including some Patriot missile batteries from Saudi Arabia.

“Withdrawing Patriot missiles from the kingdom does not show America’s stated intention to help Saudi Arabia defend itself from outside enemies,” Prince Turki Al-Faisal said.


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