US stock markets open weaker despite strong economic data

Wall Street

The leading index Dow Jones collapsed slightly at the start of trading and traded at 26,438 points.

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new YorkMixed defaulted company balance sheets initially weighed on sentiment on the US stock markets at the end of the week. Exxon had presented weak numbers, Intel and American Airlines cut their forecasts. For friendly faces, however, provided unexpectedly strong US data. The gross domestic product increased from January to March, extrapolated to the full year by 3.2 instead of two percent as expected. Economists spoke of a "huge surprise." In particular, government investment boosted the economy, while private consumption did not rise as sharply as it did recently.

Overview of the most important indices

The leading index Dow Jones recovered after initial losses to 26,543.33 points, up 81.25 points. The broader S & P 500 also gained slightly to 2,939 points. The Nasdaq technology exchange gained 27.72 points to 8,146.

Single values ​​in focus

Intel lost nearly nine percent. The world's largest semiconductor supplier lowered its business goals. Apparently, the company is responding to the uncertain economic outlook, especially in China, wrote analyst Suji Desilva of the investment bank Roth. American Airlines also cut their profit target, the papers lost 1.05 percent. A surprisingly sharp slump in profits plunged Exxon a price decline of 2.1 percent. The US group earned in the first quarter only half as much as in the same period last year.

Meanwhile, things went up for Ford with a price increase of 10.74 percent. The carmaker announced a quarterly result on market expectations and looks more optimistic about the future. In the slipstream General Motors (GM) increased 2.2 percent.

Amazon also earned surprisingly well. The papers of the online retailer gained 2.54 percent. "We assume that the Group can increase earning power despite high investments in faster delivery times," wrote DZ Bank analyst Ingo Wermann. "We therefore confirm our investment judgment 'Buy'."

Strong downhill, however, went with Tesla. The presentation of dramatically deteriorating figures for the past quarter, the prospect of further losses in the current quarter and a potential capital increase weighed on sentiment among investors. Tesla shares lost more than five percent and temporarily reached a two-year low.

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