US TELEVISION – Barbie Ferreira, protagonist of "Euphoria" without scruples with more robust bodies


The dreams of the American actress and model Barbie Ferreira, one of the stars of the popular HBO series "Euphoria", are becoming reality as they continue to be herself, the daughter of a Brazilian immigrant raised in New Jersey who sees no problem nor does it "roll" into more robust bodies.

"When I was little I dreamed of acting, but I thought I had to lose a lot of weight or no one took me too seriously," recalled Ferreira, 22, at an interview with Efe, while celebrating HBO's decision to renew the series for a second season.

"I was afraid that if I had succeeded, I would always have the roles of the best friend (of the protagonist), who is chubby and ugly," he recalled.

Her character in "Euphoria", in which she shares the credits with the singer and actress Zendaya, is far from the stereotypical role reserved for actresses outside the Hollywood beauty archetype: Kat Fernandez is a young woman with insecurities on her body and its weight is finding its power through the internet.

In the first few episodes, Kat offers a great contrast between her image and her attitude in real life, in which she appears as the typical "good gordita" and her digital life, an erotic novelist inspired by the band members One Direction who later He has a show like Dominatrix.

"I was inspired to interpret it in my adolescence, like everyone else, I had a lot of insecurities," he said. However, the only advice you would give at that time is "taking care".

"There are very few things anyone 16 years old can learn from others without having to live," he reflected. "The most important thing is that you do what you need to learn to love yourself, but always protecting yourself from something irreversible."

"Euphoria" is Ferreira's third actress project, which like Kat started on the internet. At the age of 13, she began publishing videos of herself on the Tumblr network and five years later captured the interest of a clothing brand for which she worked in one of her stores, for photos who made his underwear. .

The company hired her as a model for her underwear line and her intact images became viral. The success of the campaign has placed in the list of Time Magazine among the 100 most influential teenagers of 2016, in which it was recognized for its efforts in the "Body Positive" movement, which promotes acceptance and l & # 39; love of all kinds of figures.

Ferreira, who refuses to be called an activist and refused the brand proposals focusing on older women, has launched a series of videos with the publication Vice.

With the name "How to behave" (how to behave), Ferreira advises girls on how to behave with themselves on topics such as make-up, fashion, sex, relationships with family and toxic people.

"I grew up in a Brazilian house where we only had women, zero male energy," said the young woman, who lived until last year, when she moved to Los Angeles, with her mother and grandmother in the New Jersey.

"My mother is a woman who loves herself, she says she is beautiful, she is extrovert and has no problem saying what she thinks," he said. "Brazilians have fewer rolls with their bodies, nudity is not a problem there, you go to the beach and see all kinds of people with bathing suits with floss".

Growing up, she realized that women in American society receive very different messages. "They tell us that we must be calm, calm, measured," he said. It's something that clashed with what he was taught and decided that whatever his path, "try to combine the best of both worlds". This represents for her an "empowerment from the positive".

The success of "Euforia" excites her. "It is incredible to be in a project where adolescents are not part of the typical archetypes, they are all complex, with real and current problems," he said. It also serves as a therapy. He is reviewing the themes of his adolescence where he does not like to think "but they are important".

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