US troop exchange? Uniformed men left Colombia under total secrecy

The United States troops that arrived in Colombia on May 27
They returned to their country eight days ago under total secrecy, according to information known to Noticias Caracol.

After this news, military sources revealed that while these uniformed men returned to EE. UU
., another 53 landed in Bogotá in order to continue with advisory tasks for medical evacuation, combat nurses and military processes in decision-making and personnel evaluation.

This second group that is already in the country will be advising the Joint Task Forces Aquiles, Vulcano, Omega and Hercules, as well as the Brigade against Drug Trafficking in Bogota

Meanwhile, a few hours ago the Council of State
he overthrew the guardianship that sought to suspend the tasks of these soldiers in Colombia until the Congress authorized it.

In the political sectors there are already several questions, one of them: why had President Iván Duque or Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo not referred to the departure and arrival of American soldiers?

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