US.- Trump leaves the G20 summit to go play golf


US President Donald Trump has participated this Saturday in the telematics summit of G20 leaders focused on the fight against the coronavirus, but he has left it prematurely to be able to go to play golf in Virginia.

Trump has connected to the summit from the White House and during the first hour in addition to participating in the meeting, he has posted several messages on Twitter about domestic politics. Less than two hours after the start of the event, the US president has left the meeting and left.

Trump has assured that American vaccines for the coronavirus will be available to any citizen of his country who wants to access it, but during the meeting he has not shown any intention of sharing these vaccines.

White House sources have indicated that Trump has delegated his participation to the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, and his main economic adviser, Larry Kudlo, to be able to travel to his golf course in Virginia.

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