US Urged to Bomb Cuban Communist State


MIAMI – The United States (US) government was urged to intervene military by bombarding Because after massive anti-government protests broke out in the communist country. The urge to attack Fidel Castro’s legacy came from Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.

Suarez said previous US strikes elsewhere – from Panama to Kosovo – had gone well.

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Cuba, Suarez told Fox News in an interview, posed a threat to the US for exporting communism to all hemispheres.

Suarez claims, Cuba is not only one of the largest drug dealers in Latin America, but the country is also a supporter of terrorism as determined by the United States government.

“[Kuba] exporting communism to all hemispheres and around the world and has been doing it for decades and that is something that should be of interest to US national security,” the mayor said.

He then suggested the US take on the Cuban government in several ways similar to the arrest of the notorious Panamanian drug smuggler; Manuel Noriega, 1990.

Noriega is a US ally who lost his favorite status after it was revealed that he had also provided intelligence to other countries, including Cuba, against Washington.

Suarez argues Panama has enjoyed a peaceful democracy for decades since Noriega’s ousting. However, internationally, Panama has a questionable reputation as a tax haven for the rich, as revealed in the 2018 Panama Papers exposure.


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