US Will Respond to South Korea Nuclear Deal; Kim’s sister against Biden

Seoul: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, has stated that the US will respond to the South Korea nuclear agreement. Kim Yo Jong observes that US President Joe Biden’s remarks on the nuclear deal are the unconscious remarks of a man who has come of age. They also elaborated that in response to the US-South Korean nuclear denuclearization agreement, military force will be shown more forcefully. Kim Yo Jong’s response comes after Joe Biden attended a summit with South Korean President Eun Suk Yeol. Kim Yo Jong also responded that Biden’s irresponsible bravado is a gross miscalculation.

Kim Biden’s remarks at the summit are evaluated as the childish remarks of an old man who is not capable of taking responsibility for America’s security and future. South Korean news agency Yonhap reports that Kim criticizes Biden for making such absurd remarks because he has been serving his country for a long time. The South Korean President met with the US President in Washington amid the increasing pace of North Korean weapons exercises and South Korea-US joint military exercises on the Korean subcontinent.

North Korea has tested about 100 missiles since the beginning of 2022. This includes intercontinental ballistic missiles aimed at the United States. Campaigns have been activated to present North Korea as a nuclear power and thereby obtain security concessions from countries including the United States. Based on the meeting, Biden announced several defense plans. For the first time in decades, US nuclear-armed submarines have arrived in South Korea and announced plans to conduct training. In this meeting, there was also an agreement to counter North Korea’s attack jointly.

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