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Win these days he speaks German with the Americans, sometimes he is politically conditioned. What a pity that Angela Merkel is leaving now. Immediately the question follows, who will now come to Merkel's house. And anyway, who can replace Merkel, with his experience, his skill, his intelligence?

Yes, the change at the top of the CDU was and is reported in the American quality media. But even politically interested and educated, the strong position of a party leader in Germany is often unconscious – and the dual role of 13-year-old Merkel as leader and chancellor of the CDU is largely incomprehensible.

But can you also turn the tables over and ask politically aware Germans what they think of Tom Perez or Ronna Romney McDaniel? The two, look, are the presidents of the party organizations of Democrats and Republicans, have maintained their positions from the beginning of 2017, respectively.

A new party leader for the CDU

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In a head-to-head race with competitor Friedrich Merz, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer won the election as the new leader of the CDU party with 51.75% to 48.25%.

Source: WORLD / Sebastian Plantholt

However, they neither belong to the House of Representatives nor play an important role in public perception – even though Perez was once Labor Minister under Barack Obama.

Presidency of the party but it is not the joint presidency of the party. The United States and Germany are both Western democracies, both federalist, but their systems of government are quite different. The name of Angela Merkel is present in the United States, people often speak of "Anschela Möörkel", sometimes even the president about them tweet, mostly not so beautiful things.

Only Wednesday, at the funeral of George H. W. Bush, Merkel was again a guest in the capital of the United States, sitting in the National Cathedral in a row in front of Prince Charles. Of course, in his capacity as chancellor.

Hot favorite for the Chancellery

The interest in their succession is therefore evident, and even though it was not formal in Merkel's government office on Friday, it was indirectly addressed to the chancery.

The new leader of the Kramp-Karrenbauer party is now at least a favorite to replace Merkel in the Chancellery, as the most powerful political figure in Germany, either after the general elections or before, with the help of a constructive vote of no confidence at the parliament. In any case, Donald Trump will have to remember the complicated name of the new strong woman in Berlin.

Intense, profound and competent, the quality newspapers in the United States have reported in the last weeks the competition for the presidency of the party and the decision on Friday.

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No experiment: the election of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (l.) At the head of the CDU affirms Angela Merkel's line

Head of the CDU Kramp-Karrenbauer

The CDU has elected an "ally of Merkel" to the party leader, wrote the "Washington Post", which signals "continuity and a long goodbye". The election of Kramp-Karrenbauer was a victory for Merkel, which allowed her another three years of government.

Kramp-Karrenbauer is described as moderate, his calm, consensus-oriented style is similar to Merkel's. The CDU has therefore opted for continuity and against radical changes. Kramp-Karrenbauer will now be "favored" for the next chancellor, although they will have to wait a bit.

The friends of the new leaders said they would not receive any instructions from Merkel, they wrote the Wall Street Journal, and she would shake hands with the conservative wing and move away from Merkel's refugee policy. The Catholic practitioner Kramp-Karrenbauer is more conservative than Merkel, for example in his rejection of marriage for all.

First speech after his election: "The Great People's Party received the medium"

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Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is the new president of the CDU. The former Secretary General of the CDU sat at the party congress in Hamburg in the elections for the run-off against the former leader of the Friedrich Merz faction. See here your first speech after the election.

Bojan Pancevski, Berlin correspondent of the "Wall Street Journal", also tweeted that, in a sense, Merkel Merz and Wolfgang Schäuble, who had supported the defeated Merz, had "beaten twice". He manages his imminent departure as he would have liked.

"German conservatives have chosen continuity rather than change," the New York Times launched its report on the party's most important decision. But the vote is also "the first concrete step in the post-Merkel era".

The new CDU leader represents a moderate government style. The party shows with their choice of wanting to remain in the political center. Furthermore, the possibility for coalition positions with the SPD and Merkel's position as a chancellor has increased, even if this could deeply disrupt their party.

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Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer

"AKK" was portrayed in the "New York Times" before the party convention as a supporter of Merkel's middle ground. His election to the CDU leadership would be "a strong signal to women" at a time when political muscles were shaping politics in Europe and beyond. The Times is more critical of Merz ("a millionaire with a strong sense of self"). A vote in favor of Merkel's former rival would be a sign that even in Germany the desire for a more charismatic and masculine leader won the victory.

Angela Merkel has dedicated the "New York Times" a short double page before the change of leadership in the CDU. A huge picture showed Merkel at the Bundestag lectern.

The text began with Merkel's visit to Chemnitz in mid-November, a reference to 2,500 demonstrators demanding "Merkel must go!". Now that the CDU elects its successor on party leadership, the "world and values ​​that Merkel has incarnated in power for 13 years are at risk". In Chemnitz, Merkel said she knew her "polarizing face".

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It was not always easy for his party: the outgoing CDU leader, Angela Merkel, during her speech in Hamburg

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Angela Merkel, Federal Minister of Women and Youth, admitted on 2.7.1992. The graduate physicist, now secretary general of the Christian Democrats, will run for the presidency of the CDU party at the party congress from 9 to 11 April 2000 in Essen. By now forty-five would be the first woman at the head of the Union party - a blitz career: during the turn she was involved in "democratic departure". After the first free elections of the People's Chamber, she was spokesperson for the delegated government for the GDR and joined in the August 1990 in the Union. In 1991, Chancellor Kohl took her as a minister for women and youth in his cabinet, and in 1993 he became president of the CDU in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Federal Minister of the Environment of 1994. After the defeat of the Christian Democrats in the general election in 1998, she was elected Secretary General of her party. | Use all over the world

As a polarizing face, the New York Times wrote, it was also perceived in Athens, Budapest and Rome. To a large extent, the article already had a political obituary for Merkel, for example, when she claimed that no one has shaped Europe today as much as "the daughter of the pastor of the former Communist East".

The former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis was quoted in Merkel (not so beautiful), the historian Timothy Garton Ash (differentiated), also Claudia Roth and Gregor Gysi (both very admirable). The 2006 "summer fable" is in contrast to the 2015 refugee flood.

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Angela Merkel spoke with Chemnitzern for two hours

In the summer, Bret Stephens, Pulitzer Prize winner, even asked for Merkel's resignation in a column of the New York Times, leftist liberal.

He accused of serious omissions in the refugee policy, he had pulled the party to the left, so the success of right-wing populists made it possible – because "it ceased to be conservative".

Because Angela Merkel receives a witness as a gift

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"It must be a gift," said Volker Bouffier, and handed over to Angela Merkel the witness with which Kent Nagano directed Elbphilharmonie at the G20 summit.



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