USA had “luxury” of watching pandemics before suffering them

“Pa long time ago, in the United States, we had the luxury of seeing tragedies happen elsewhere in the world first. We had the luxury of looking at foreign countries and analyzing what happens, saying that we will deal and worry when the problem gets here “, said Charles Morgan, former special adviser to the InspectorGeneral of the Department of Defense of the USA.

The statements were made today by the professor at the University of New Haven during a conference call with journalists about the covid-19, adding that the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) of 2003 and the Ebolain 2014 are examples of epidemics that appeared elsewhere in the world, before affect the United States.

Charles Morgan defended the “idea of ​​surveillancencia global “that arises at the height of pandemic, in which there is greater international scientific cooperation, with sharing of genetic data about the virus and samples.

“This is a system that must always be active and not only exist when there is a pandemic“declared the professor of national security at the University of New Haven.

The expert said that influenza viruses are the “model of pandemic“that characterizes the response of USA in cases of public health crisis, but that may not be the right thing to do.

“People often forget that the coronavirus can suffer mutations, that’s why we already know at least four that have similar symptoms, like the flu and breathing difficulties “, he said, stressing that nature is constantly developing.

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The former advisor to the Inspector General of USA believes that there will be “another wave” of the new coronavirus that causes the disease covid-19 and will also “change health care delivery” in USA and the way health is paid.

The United States is the country with the most deaths (42,364) and the most cases of infection confirmed (almost 788 thousand) worldwide.

Charles Morgan stated that covid-19 had a “profound impact” and “revealed the inadequacy of the health system” in the USA, adding that “it is unsustainable for the future”.

Health care for the population depends, for the most part, on the sector private and ‘for-profit’ hospitals, which have the right to refuse to treat patients if they do not have health insurance to cover services or another form of payment.

At the global level, according to a balance AFP, a pandemic in covid-19 has already caused more than 172,500 deaths and infected more than 2.5 million people in 193 countries and territories.

More than 558,000 patients were considered cured.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus detected at the end of December, in Wuhan, a city in central China.

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