USA. He found a GoPro in the woods. On the last recording there was … a bear

Dylan Schilt, who deals with archery, decided to train in the forest. He set up a small camp and spent several days there. Walking through the trees, he came across a small object. It was a GoPro webcam. Dylan decided to take the find to his camp.

“I charged my webcam and couldn’t believe what I saw”

– he wrote in a post on Facebook.

It turned out that the author and the protagonist of the last recording recorded on the device is … a bear. Previous recordings show that someone lost their webcam while riding a snowmobile. The animal found her after four months.

– The big black bear not only managed to turn it on, but also began to record him playing with it. Without a doubt the craziest thing I have ever found! – added the author of the post.

Sources: Facebook, RMF

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