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US gymnastics presented a petition on the failure of Chapter 11 Wednesday in an attempt that the organization in the fight said is an effort to move it and sport forward. The US gymnastics is facing about 100 lawsuits by about 350 athletes during the management of the Larry Nassar scandal of sexual abuse.

In a statement, the organization said that the deposit will help resolve the claims made by survivors of Nassar's sexual abuse, calling it a critical first step to rebuilding community trust. But a former member of the US gymnastics council and a Nassar informant said that US gymnastics are no longer close to protecting what matters most: their athletes.

"I do not see how anyone can trust that organization to perform the sport of gymnastics," said Jessica Howard, a former gymnast and board member of the US team.

She was among the first gymnasts to speak against Nassar in 2016, saying she was a victim too.

"US gymnastics have not brought any change to the victims, to the survivors," said Howard.

The filing would block all ongoing litigation, including a complaint by the US Olympic Committee seeking to revoke the status of US Gymnastics as a national government agency.

The lawyer John Manly, whose company represents more than 180 victims of Nassar, described the failure as "a delaying tactic" in addressing the demands of sexual abuse. US gymnastics are struggling to recover in the wake of the scandal and have seen the supreme leadership – including two presidents – quit this year. Howard said that the organization can not protect athletes.

"I do not think that sport will survive at the highest level if we do not have reason," said Howard.

The presentation on Wednesday arrives while USA Gymnastics continues to look for a new CEO. It is estimated that lawsuits cost the federation up to $ 150 million.

In May, Michigan State University, where Nassar also worked, announced a $ 500 million deal with over 300 victims. US gymnastics said the bankruptcy deposit does not affect the amount of money available to victims, which they believe is funded by insurance.

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