USA: The first talks with the Taliban have been open and professional

These were the first US-Taliban talks since the Taliban seized Afghanistan.

The US delegation, which traveled to Doha to meet with members of the Taliban’s radical Islamist movement on Saturday and Sunday, focused on security, terrorism concerns, human rights, and the possibility of US citizens, other foreigners and US Afghan partners escaping Afghanistan safely. said Ned Prais, a spokesman for the U.S. State Department.

The two sides also discussed Washington’s possible humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people, Price said.

“The talks were open and professional, with the US delegation reiterating that the Taliban will be judged by deeds, not just words,” Price said.

Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Hans Mutaki said on Saturday that the Taliban had demanded that the United States allow the Taliban access to Afghan funds.

When the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in August, the United States froze Afghanistan’s assets to nearly $ 9 billion.

The move led to a sharp shortage of currency, as well as a sharp rise in basic food and fuel prices.

Mutaki said the Taliban had also demanded humanitarian aid during the talks, which the US delegation had promised to consider.

Mutaki said the US delegation had promised to continue supporting the Covid-19 vaccination program in Afghanistan.

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