USA: Trump wants journalists to take Pulitzer prices away

The Pulitzer Prizes have just been awarded and now Donald Trump wants to take them away from the journalists. According to the President of the United States, some writers have been wrongly awarded the most important media award in the United States. «You are not a journalist. They are thieves, »said Trump on Thursday in the White House.

Trump’s anger is directed at the two largest US newspapers. The “New York Times” was recognized on Monday for reporting on a possible Russian influence on the 2016 US election and alleged collusion between Trump’s campaign team and representatives of Russia. The US president said that some journalists had tried for years to “trick” him and that “they should be forced to give up these Pulitzer prices”. He further claimed: “It was all fake news.” The journalists are a “shame” if they do not return the prices. However, he did not name media or journalists directly.

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