Usbek & Rica – “The goal of Metavers is clear: gradually oust Facebook from the projects of Mark Zuckerberg’s company”

Silicon Valley therefore offers us a desirable future… But desirable for whom?

We have therefore reviewed all the possibilities offered, on the surface, by the creation of a Metaverse. But, if we dig deeper, we can see other benefits that respond to a well-crafted strategy of Mark Zuckerberg.

First, benefits for the firm itself. In his announcement video, an element of the speech of the father of Facebook indeed struck me. He seems to want to insist on the fact that Facebook no longer represents the company’s projects as a whole. According to him, “Our brand is so strongly linked to just one of our products (Facebook, editor’s note), that it can no longer represent all of our projects”. Eventually, Mark Zuckerberg hopes “That we will be considered as a Metaverse company”. Last coup de grace for the social network: “We will work with the Metaverse, not Facebook. You will therefore not have to use Facebook to use our other services ”, he explains at the end of the video.

The approach is therefore clear: gradually oust Facebook from the company’s projects until, why not, its name disappears. And this is understandable, in view of all the casseroles related to it.The Cambridge Analytica scandal, where the social network is suspected of having influenced the outcome of the 2016 US presidential campaign, until the recent revelations of the employees of the social network accusing the latter put profits before moderation of content, Facebook’s popularity rating is clearly at half mast. Launching the Metaverse is therefore a way to gradually bury a social network which is gradually becoming disturbing for the firm and which is living its last years of reign.

But will the faults of which Mark Zuckerberg is accused stop for all that? We know today that Facebook, despite its apparent free, is not really. For the moment, no information has been disclosed on the Metavers economic model, but it is a safe bet that a monetization of the same type will be applied, that is to say the use of our data as currency of exchange, for more or less orthodox purposes.

Éric Sadin, in his book Siliconization of the world, defines this new economy as an “industry of life”. According to him, the life industry is defined as the fact of “Capitalize on the smallest manifestations of life, bringing about the emergence of an economy backed by the uninterrupted flows of life and the world”. With, as an objective, in the long term, “That almost all individual and collective actions generate data (…) subject to multiple operations, primarily of a commercial nature”.

The Metavers: a future to be reinvented, in all its complexity

Mark Zuckerberg hopes that in 10 years, the Metaverse and all its applications will become « mainstream », hearing accessible to all and widely used. 10 years ago, 3D printers were also to become a “must-have” in all homes … To avoid yet another failure, it is in my opinion important that our tech Jedi come back down to Earth and join us Padawan , in our daily tribulations. It is obvious that the Metaverse does not fit into the considerations of the majority of the population, as well as the issues facing our current society.

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