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Ubisoft’s new open-world action-adventure series, “Far Cry 6” (Far Cry 6) is expected to be officially released on October 7. Players will travel to the virtual island nation of the Caribbean “Yala” to play the role of Danny, a member of the Freedmen DictatorshipUncle Fried Chicken“Anton Castillo” (played by Giancarlo Esposito in “Breaking Bad”).

Since the location of this game is set in the Caribbean, the language is mainly Spanish. Players can hear all kinds of swear words in Spanish, as well as a lot of black humor, which is a more lively one in terms of the tone of the series.

This work is an independent plot story as usual, so don’t worry about connecting with the previous work. If you are interested in adventurous friends in Yala, the editorial department will share the 30-hour experience in the first half of the plot, so that all guerrilla members will be ready at the starting line.

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1. Storyline and duration estimation

The prologue of the story will first help Clara of the Freedmen camp on Sanctuary Island, and then go to Alaben Island to draw the three major revolutionary army camps in the Dawn Land, Golden Valley, and Eastern District to jointly fight against the army of Kasdi Road.

The prologue is mainly to introduce the relevant teaching of the armory and the camp, so that players are familiar with the exploration gameplay of “Polar War Howling 6”. After completing the prologue tasks, you can freely decide to go to the three major revolutionary army camps. Your goal is to Win three camps.


From the completion of the prologue to the completion of the main mission of Dawn of the Land, the game time is roughly 20-25 hours after all the boxes are obtained. Therefore, it is estimated that the total main game time can be up to 50 hours or more.

It’s hard to imagine why such a heavy responsibility would fall on you, an unnamed guerrilla member, but this is the true flavor of “Polar War Howling”.

2. Enemies are divided into “soft” and “hard”

Whether it’s “Polar War Howling” or “FireWire Hunting”, the core of the gameplay must be to fight the enemy with a gun. In the past, the enemy would be divided into ordinary fish without protective clothing and special forces wearing armor. “Polar War Howl 6” is divided into two types, “soft targets” and “armored targets”.

In response to the two different types, the difference in the system lies in the ammunition of the firearms. By collecting materials, the “soft target ammunition” or “armor piercing ammunition” can be unlocked for each type of firearm on the workbench. As the name suggests, it is aimed at “soft targets” and “armor targets”. “Add extra damage.


However, in actual application, although “soft target ammunition” can effectively remove trash with one or two shots, considering that the enemies in the middle and late stages are all Yala special forces, it is recommended to use armor-piercing bombs or gas bombs (which can make enemies kill each other). host.

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It’s hard to imagine that there will be such a powerful nerve gas in reality, but this is the flavour of “Polar War Howl”.

3. You have a “four-dimensional armory” that you carry with you

When it comes to firearms, in the past series or other Ubisoft works, the protagonist can only carry a few specific guns. This is to allow players to adjust the firepower they carry according to the level. However, when it comes to the protagonist of “Polar War Howling 6”, it can almost be said that he has a four-dimensional pocket that can carry the entire arsenal on his body.

In the game, as long as the player obtains any firearm (through unpacking), it can be used on the battlefield at any time. Although the newly acquired firearms have not yet been modified and may be powerful, such a four-dimensional arsenal is really convenient when attacking levels. a lot of.


Of course, in response to this change, the protagonist can equip and switch up to 3 main weapons + 1 pistol weapon. The main weapon can be freely configured with any firearm. If you are happy, you can even install an assault rifle or light machine gun. However, the risk is that the ammunition is shared by type, so all weapons of the same type will affect the use of ammunition.

At this time, we must mention the advantages of self-made weapons. There are many types of self-made weapons with independent ammunition, such as nail guns, flame bottles, batteries or optical discs (the one you saw in the trailer). This convenient advantage can be It can be seen that Ubisoft deliberately wants to use self-made weapons as a selling point.


It is hard to imagine that a real person can carry so many weapons and equipment at one time, but this is the true flavor of “Polar War Howl”.

4. The guerrillas do not need to see a doctor

Different from any treatment needles or bandages, as the top guerrilla team of “Polar War Howling 6”, the player does not have a medical kit, and all treatments can only rely on “self-help”.


The player’s current life value will be displayed at the bottom of the game screen. The 1 of the love symbol indicates the number of first aids. When you are injured, you can use the first aid button to save yourself. The blood volume will be filled in one breath, and the love symbol will return to 0. It will be displayed as 1 again after the cooling time is over.

If you are not harmed for a period of time, the deducted health can also be restored on its own. As for the self-help scene, this work can be said to be quite nasty and interesting.

It is worth mentioning that although this game also has a buddy system, it is a pity that if you are seriously injured and fall to the ground this time, the handsome guy or the meat intestine will not be able to help you up.

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It’s hard to imagine that a person can save himself from gunshot wounds, burns, or explosions, but this is the true taste of “Polar War Howl”.

5. Although the best product is exaggerated, it is very fun

Juan’s self-made weapons and top products are important things that are indispensable in the strategy of this game. However, many people may mistakenly think that they are some great tricks when they hear the top products. But in fact, it is a tactical prop backpack, except for the main purpose. In addition to launching Dajue, another function can decide which throwing props to bring.

The throwing path has ordinary grenades and baseballs for attracting the enemy. Other slots can also choose fuel tanks (throwing to detonate) or treatment tanks. The treatment tanks are like healing smoke, which can be thrown on the ground to replenish blood.

It’s hard to imagine that there will be such a thing in the setting of the 1960s, but this is the flavour of “Polar Howl”.

As for the best product itself, the rocket alone is fun enough, of course, there are other fire-breathing, poisonous, and electric discharges, waiting for you to try it out.

6. Tanks and airborne have a little trouble

This game feels similar to “Hunting in the Fire: Wildland”. It is also walking alone in a turbulent country, so when you have enough trouble (killing too many enemies), the Yarra army’s wanted scale is The higher it is, and the most threatening of these is the armored unit.

When encountering tanks or attack helicopters, it is difficult to win with traditional firearms. Juan’s superb “rocket” is an effective means to destroy tanks or aerial vehicles in the early stage, or the electromagnetic pulse of the “Volt” backpack can also deal with it. Tank, but the disadvantage is that it has a long cooling time.

Because vehicles are difficult to deal with, it is recommended that when the player has enough materials, it is best to find Juan to make a self-made weapon “Little Zeus”. This thing can fire electric balls after being charged, which can not only paralyze the tank for hijacking, but also shoot into the air. The disadvantage of the helicopter is that it consumes a lot of electricity.

It’s hard to imagine this kind of super-electromagnetic gun appearing in this island country where birds don’t lay eggs, but this is the true flavor of “Polar War Howling”.

7. It is very convenient to explore, the guerrilla camp

According to the urinary nature of the past series, there are many tasks and collection elements in the open world map. Fortunately, this work also has a fast-moving design. As long as the player arrives at a specific town or unlocks a camp stronghold, they can easily teleport at that location afterwards.

Although this game also has the element of vehicle summoning (and quite free), teleportation can save more time for exploration. Therefore, the player arrives at the first camp main drama point in the three main missions, and it is recommended to give priority to the construction of “hide” The “Location” facility can unlock the main teleportation points in all major areas of the entire Yarra Island at one time.

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Mentioned the guerrilla camp. Players can build two facilities for every camp of the three major revolutionary army camps, and eventually all six facilities can be fully built without being specifically bound to a camp.

Although I am very concerned about why a camp cannot be covered with all the facilities at once, this is the flavour of “Polar War Howl”.

8. Chickens are scary, chickens are really scary

Yes, the dick is here again.In view of“Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” has “cock attack” from ancestors,at the same timeThe terrifying turkey meme of “Polar War Howl 5”, It is conceivable that the chicken for this work is also a big threat.


This time, “Polar War Howling 6” specially designed a lot of spoof missions for the cute chicken, and it also has the atmosphere of a horror game. It is not broken here, and it is quite worth the player to experience in person.

In addition, this game also launched a “cockfighting” mini game for the chickens, and combined with exploration, allowing players to collect different chicken fighters on Yarra Island, and finally “cockfighting” in the arena.

It’s hard to imagine that chickens are so effective, but this is the true flavor of “Polar Howl”.

9. The most familiar three treasures of the road

“If there are no bugs, I don’t play it.” For those friends who love to play Ubisoft games, this time you can rest assured that this time “Polar War Howling 6” will not be disappointing. In fact, this is not the case. Derogatory, I think it’s rather interesting.

Jufan AI will make mistakes in automatic path finding occasionally, or when riding a horse on the road, you will see passers-by (regardless of the enemy or me) suddenly hitting you, or the NPC driving around by itself, these invisibles have become Yala The local Sambo characteristics.

Although there are three treasures on the road, I didn’t encounter any bugs in the game, so the experience of the strategy is still quite good, I just hope that I don’t hit my beloved horse again.

It’s hard to imagine what kind of maliciousness will make the NPC slam into the player without telling what it is, but this is the taste of Ubisoft.

10. The same “hidden ending”

Yes, this game is the same as before. There is a hidden ending. This is the true taste of “Polar War Howl”. As for how to trigger it, after the game is released, let this site be released separately to avoid thundering to friends first.

“Polar War Howling 6” will be released on PC (Ubisoft Store, Epic Games Store), PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on October 7.


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