Used cars cost tens of millions of rupiah, can be smooth to accord all pages

JAKARTA, Used car be an alternative that can be chosen when you want to buy a private four-wheeled vehicle, but do not want limited credit or available funds.

Moreover, the price of used four-wheeled vehicles is also getting more affordable. In fact, not a few are cheaper than the official price automatic scooter ( scooter) new edition.

On the online buying and selling site a lot of cars secondhand offered with prices starting at tens of millions of rupiah.

With a price that is quite cheap, of course, the unit that will be obtained is not like cars produced by the young year.

Cars with a price of tens of millions must be in their teens or even decades. However, if you are good at hunting second-hand four-wheeled vehicles, it is not impossible with this money you can get a road-worthy car.

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Even so, the buyer must also provide a reserve fund for a number of repairs that need to be made or replaced component.

The owner of Malique Selatan, Djakarta, a car showroom at Blok M Mall Lt. Basement South Jakarta Bimo Maliki said he was buying used car must prepare funds for repairs.

“(Used cars) definitely need to be serviced, so they must provide additional funds. “The art of buying a used car is looking for spare parts, going to the garage to make repairs,” he told recently.

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When buying an old car, you need to pay attention to the availability of parts. Bimo added that the availability of components is still quite easy, especially in big cities.

A visitor sees a row of used cars on display at the Sriwedari car market, Solo, Central Java (Central Java), Sunday (15/12/2019).Ari Purnomo A visitor sees a row of used cars on display at the Sriwedari car market, Solo, Central Java (Central Java), Sunday (15/12/2019).

Separately, Helmie Sarosa, owner of the old car showroom, Kedai Built Up in Bekasi, West Java, suggested that when buying a used car the main thing is to make it comfortable when driving.

“For example, make sure the car does not break down, the engine does not leak, overheats, and so on. Make the car comfortable to use, “he said.

Herjanto Kosasih, Senior Manager Marketing Bursa Used car WTC Mangga Dua, said, it is a consequence if buying a used car must make repairs. According to him, used car service is a natural thing to do.

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“That’s why when used cars are busy, the buyers of workshops will also be sprayed, because used cars clearly need repair,” he said.

The following is a row of used cars priced at tens of millions of rupiah for sale on online sites

1. The 1993 Mazda Vantrend Wagon was priced at Rp. 15 million

2. Mazda MR in 1991 priced at Rp. 15 million

3. Suzuki Esteem in 1992 for Rp. 19 million

4. The 1986 Honda Accord is priced at Rp. 18 million

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5. Hyundai Elantra in 1995 priced at Rp. 15.5 million

6. The 1996 Ford Laser was priced at Rp. 16 million

7. Daihatsu Zebra 1.3 in 1991 priced at Rp. 16.5 million

8. Suzuki Carry 2000 was priced at Rp. 18.1 million

9. Toyota Corona in 1986 priced at Rp. 18 million

10. Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 in 1990 is priced at Rp. 18.5 million


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