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Millions of users of iPhone are dazzled by the many features that the update brings to iOS 14 and, as expected, some experiments transcend on social networks to become a trend.

The latest trend among fans of the ‘apple’ seems to be something ironic and probably unimaginable more than 20 years ago: to give the home screens the classic style of Windows 95.

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This is possible from the arrival of iOS 12, but with iOS 14 – and precisely those widgets– is when aesthetics reaches its peak. This is due to the fact that it has icons, the typical turquoise background and even the remembered error messages of the most popular operating system of the last century.

The place Applesfera presents a guide so that, if you have a iPhone and iOS 14, do it yourself. Here we share it:

– First, in your iPhone open the shortcuts and click on the symbol + to create one

– Click on Open app and select the application you want

– Click on the ellipsis and add a name to the shortcut (this will not be visible on the home screen)

– Then, click on Add to home screen.

– After this, you can assign an image as an icon and a name to the shortcut.

– Add an image with a turquoise background and a classic Windows 95 icon and combine it with a background of the same color, as well as a widget from the most famous Redmond system to get a result like these:

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