Users update to iOS 15 less than when iOS 14 because there is an option not to update to iOS 15.

The report states that the number of iOS users Updated to iOS 15 less than when updated to iOS 14. during the same period The reason is because users can choose whether they are still on iOS 14.8 or will come up to iOS 15.

iOS 15 Adoption

The iOS Update Proportion Report (Update Jan 11, 2022) identified by Apple is as follows:

Proportion of iOS use of iOS devices launched in the past 4 years – present

⋅ iOS 15 : 72%
⋅ iOS 14 : 26%
⋅ Previous iOS : 2%

Proportion of iOS usage of all iOS devices that have been released so far.

⋅ iOS 15 : 63%
⋅ iOS 14 : 30%
⋅ Previous iOS : 7%

Information from :

9to5Mac reports that the number of iOS 15 updates to iOS users is lower than when they were updated to iOS 14 by Dec. 16, 2021 (Apple reports the first iOS 14 update percentage). Over 81% of iOS updated to iOS 14, while iOS 15 (reported above) only 72% of iOS users updated to iOS 15, significantly less.

Giving users the option to stay on iOS 14 not updating to iOS 15 is one of the key reasons why users update to iOS 15 less often than they should. Because some users may not want to update to the new version. I want to update only security updates And some people may not know what to do to update to iOS 15.

iOS 15 is not up to update, up to iOS 14.8 to the latest version, how to fix it:

See also  Apple has released iOS 15.3.1 and macOS Monterey12.2.1 updates. official and fixes WebKit vulnerabilities

Apple usually releases new iOS updates for newer devices, it also releases security updates for older devices that aren’t getting newer iOS updates.

The report states that after this time Apple may remove the iOS 15 update alternative option and put it on the regular update list. so that users of supported devices Updated to iOS 15 with new features and security updates.


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