Ustaz Yusuf Mansur was attacked even though he was being treated, netizens were split

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The unpleasant news came from Ustaz Yusuf Mansur. Through his upload on Instagram, Ustaz Yusuf was lying weak in the hospital.

You can see Ustaz Yusuf wearing a mask and clothes to a green head covering. He also seemed to be unconscious when he was brought into his room.

But in the midst of the trials he faced, Ustaz Yusuf | attacked by citizens on Twitter. This was revealed through a photo upload on Ustaz Yusuf’s Instagram page.


Citizens raided Ustaz Yusuf’s teasing with a photo of himself in the middle lying on a hospital bed.

As of this writing, the photo has received 5.3 thousand retweet and more than 34.6 thousand likes.

Although many negative comments obtained, Ustaz Yusuf received a lot of prayers from his fans.

“Don’t worry about clerics, health, illness and even death are part of the ordeal as long as the tausiyalah. May Allah SWT give your best for ustad, “ cuit battery @jannotama.

“How come many people make a hint … even though no matter how big a person’s mistakes are, humans have no right to convict. Who knows behind a person’s mistakes Allah has forgiven his sins. hopefully Get well soon tadz, hopefully you will be given the strength to run everything. Aamiin ya robbal’aalamin, “ write @sukronalkunani.

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