Utkin: Ivan Alexandrovich Ignatiev has registered a BMW 320. Why a boy lies?


Utkin: Ivan Alexandrovich Ignatiev has registered a BMW 320. Why a boy lies?


Journalist Vasily Utkin data reported on the machine, which gave the attacker "Krasnodar" Ivan Ignatiev. We recall that the forwarding was transferred to the reserve composition due to the refusal to sign a new contract.

"To date, no one officially represents twenty-year-old footballer Ivan Ignatiev. It is known that he received a bonus of several million rubles and a car from a new agent. The agent is unnamed, but everyone knows this is Aguzarov Ignatiev denies having received a bonus and a car. I don't know about the bonus, but the car …

"Ignatiev Ivan Alexandrovich, born in Achinsk on 6 January 1999, 1 March 2019, was registered in the traffic police of the BMW 320. State plates …" However, this is not necessary, but everything is easily verifiable. The twenty year old may not know how easy it is to check whether the car is registered with the traffic police. But those people who powdered his brain obviously know it. Why the boy lies? Because he was told to lie. Because people are afraid to come to the fore. Because the ground burns beneath them and the cap burns on them.

One of Russia's most talented soccer players is engaged in something incomprehensible. And it could progress. Krasnodar was waiting for Ignatiev to play, but instead went to war with the club. The people who caused it, hid and sat under the bushes. Scan, guys, "- said Utkin in his Youtube channel.

Utkin suggested that Cherchesov can influence players through his agent


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