UVM Medicine students return to laboratory activities

Maximiliano Arozqueta

Mexico City / 03.03.2021 18:31:02

Students of the race Nursing returned to face-to-face classes at the University of the Valley of Mexico campus Coyoacan. With a minimum of 10 students a day, the classes and laboratory practices began so that the students in the last semesters can take the remaining activities and thus meet the necessary requirements to obtain their degree

With security measures at the entrance such as taking a temperature, antibacterial gel, the use of mandatory face masks as well as masks, the students said “they feel safe to carry out their activities without any risk of contagion.

In addition, they highlighted the importance of face-to-face work as they mentioned “that a patient cannot be cared for virtually”

It is expected that the groups of the careers related to health areas will attend the institution in a staggered manner to avoid crowds within the university.



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