V.Ivanauskas: “The result is very painful”

Lithuanian the national team suffered a painful defeat at home on Tuesday night 0:6 landed Turkey team. National team coach Valdas Ivanauskas after the match, he said the plan was heavily confused by two early goals missed in the first 15 minutes.

“It simply came to our notice then. We were ready, we knew that they would try to reach the fast goal, those first 20-25 minutes are always very important to us.

But I didn’t understand why the start of the match was so bad for us. The Turks deserved this victory, but the result was very painful, especially the last three goals, ”the coach of the national team said.

Now the Lithuanian national team will be waiting for a trip to the Faroe Islands, where they will compete with the team of this country on Saturday.

“The result is really very painful for us, the mood of the men was very visible in the locker room, they are going through it. It will definitely not be easy psychologically, of course, it will be necessary to recover physically as well, because the players gave a lot of strength.

We will have to think and see what changes can be made in the composition, we have already lost Rolandas Baravykas and Justas Lasickas due to injuries, each loss is very painful for us, but we have no other way out, ”the strategist emphasized.

Asked again about the two goals missed early, the coach once again said he didn’t understand how they fell.

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“I can’t understand yet, we can’t miss such goals. It was certainly not a situation where we could not cope.

We knew from the beginning that it would be hard for them to squeeze. I was in a light shock myself – we haven’t been able to enter the game yet and we’ve already missed the goal, “V. Ivanauskas said.


The remaining schedule of the Lithuanian national team for June in the UEFA League of Nations competition

June 11 (Saturday), 7 p.m. Faroe Islands – Lithuania. Directly through VIAPLAY.

June 14 (Tuesday), 9.45 p.m. Turkey – Lithuania. Directly through VIAPLAY.

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