V. Mačiulis revealed what he thought about his granddaughter’s husband M. Grigoni: “I was blind” | Names

When asked on the show “Šeškinės 20” if he expected that the interviewed young people would grow into such stars, Vidas did not say much, according to LNK’s press release.

“You know, I’ll see you. When I saw Sabonis, when he catches the opponent’s ball under the basket and passes it to the defender who throws it. Or Jonas Mačiulis. After all, it burned as it burns now, so it burned then.

But I didn’t really believe that Marius Grigonis would be like that. But I searched in the archive, I found how he is 12 years old, no show, rushing under the basket as he does now, like an eel, and throws. So I was blind. But it had to be this way so that people wouldn’t say that here Mačiulis chose a husband for his granddaughter”, said the basketball legend.

Photo by Teodoro Biliūno/Žmones.lt/Vidas Mačiulis, Salomeja Karvelytė, Marius Grigonis and Teklė Mačiulienė

According to V. Mačiulis, M. Grigonis and her granddaughter Salomeja were classmates at the gymnasium. The two had gone to study in America for a year, and when he returned, he offered her a seat on the same bench next to him.

“They haven’t divorced since then,” shared V. Mačiulis.

The legendary journalist shared how his work has changed with the advent of smart technologies that continue to evolve to this day.

“Up to the new 31st season of “Basketball in the World”, 1,227 shows were prepared. I don’t understand, maybe the doctors would answer, how am I still alive walking on this earth? It was not an easy task to carry large cameras, which weighed perhaps 15 kilograms, on one’s shoulder for an hour and a half.

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LNK photo/Vidas Mačiulis in the show “Šeškinės 20”

And now there are such technologies, I film the interview on the phone. What a great quality, no one would even understand. Are you saying this is a scam? What a deception, when technology is so advanced now,” said Vidas.

The show “Šeškinės 20” with V. Mačiuli – on Wednesday at 8 p.m. through LNK.

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