Vaccinated Pfizer, Carlotta Masala died at 27, of cardiomyopathy

The young woman had returned to her parents’ place in Sestu on Monday with a friend. She was found dead on the sofa, by her father, on Tuesday morning 23rd.

According to the Italian newspaper Sardinian Union, the first results of the autopsy: cardiac arrest with pulmonary edema, possibly related to myocarditis. It will be necessary to wait for the histological examinations to be clear, but this is the picture that emerged yesterday after the autopsy – which lasted several hours – of the body of Carlotta Masala, 27, from The examination was carried out at the pathological anatomy department of the Santissima Trinità hospital in Cagliari by the forensic doctor Michela Piga, who started working on the case in the morning and had not finished by the end of afternoon. At first, it was believed that the task would be entrusted to Prof. Roberto Demontis of the Forensic Medicine Department of the Monserrato University Polyclinic by proxy from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, but the Attorney General, Maria Viriginia Boi, then decided to leave the hospital , who had already ordered the investigation, take care of it.

Italian newspaper “Unione Sarda” headline on November 27, 2021: Carlotta killed by myocarditis

The magistrate on duty had been informed by the carabinieri immediately after the discovery of the lifeless body of the young woman, while the emergency services had estimated that her death was due to “natural causes”, but after a few hours, a a number of questions had emerged. The 27-year-old’s father, Francesco Masala, 60, heartbroken, insisted on more specific answers. He asked the riflemen and the doctor who had visited the house to find out what had caused his daughter’s death. She was a sporty and cheerful girl who had always been healthy until then.

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Facebook photo on Carlotta Masala’s page

We will have to wait for the results of laboratory examinations and histological and toxicological analyzes to have precise answers, but according to the first indiscretions filtered out last night from health facilities, the autopsy would have shown a dilation of the ventricles of the heart. If this condition is confirmed by the anatomists of the Holy Trinity, it will still be necessary to understand whether it is due to a heart defect that has already been present for some time, or if it is linked to a pathology that has appeared in recent months. In any case, the autopsy report will be sent to the prosecution, to Maria Virginia Boi, who has been following the case closely since day one.

On Twitter, Like on Radio Casteddu, the second injection of Pfizer in early August is mentioned as a possible cause of the fatal heart disease of the young woman.

On October 10, Carlotta “liked” Vittorio Feltri’s Tweet: “ Instead of going out on the streets to break our balls about the pass, get vaccinated and let’s not talk about it anymore. “

On October 10, Carlotta “liked” Vittorio Feltri’s Tweet.

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