Vaccination centers ready to face the second phase of the campaign in Corrèze

In the hospitals of Corrèze and the Cèdres clinic in Brive, the vaccination centers created for health professionals (over 50 years of age or with co-morbidities) will open, from this Monday, January 18, to seniors aged over 75 living at home and to very fragile people. They participate in the network of the territory, with the other vaccination centers created in partnership between the State, the ARS and the local communities.

Covid-19: Where and how to get vaccinated in Corrèze?

40 people vaccinated per day at Brive hospital

At Brive hospital, 130 hospital workers have been vaccinated since the launch of the vaccination campaign in the department on January 7, and 70 people in their brand new site dedicated to vaccination. A “gradual rise” according to Michel Da Cunha, deputy director of the hospital center.

“We started to vaccinate on the tenth floor of the hospital before setting up a first vaccine line in the premises of the Therapeutic Assistance Unit: it is not a vaccinodrome but, since last Wednesday, we have been able to vaccinate forty people per day, ”explains Dr Bruno Abraham, head of the infectious disease unit responsible for setting up the vaccination circuit.

Our initial mission was to vaccinate priority hospital and private health professionals. From January 18, we must also vaccinate people over 75 years old and the very fragile. We therefore plan to double the flow by creating a second vaccination line.

The problem of available staff

The problem for the specialist is to have enough staff: “We called on volunteers among the hospital staff, who quickly responded positively. Doctors, for example, make themselves available half a day a week. But the staff must also perform their duties at the hospital. “

Vaccination circuit. At Brive hospital, the vaccine line must be provided by a doctor, two nurses and a secretary. The patient who has made an appointment is first greeted by the secretary to complete the administrative file; then a nurse receives him to begin to establish the medical file, with the possible contraindications and which is finalized by the doctor: “We do not take the risk of vaccinating highly allergic people”, specifies the doctor Abraham.
If it is authorized, a first injection of the vaccine is made by the nurse and the patient must then wait a quarter of an hour, “to watch for any particular reactions”. The duration of the vaccination is thus 25 minutes and with the booking of appointments, patients do not wait.

Doctor Abraham plans to call on the collaboration of liberal doctors, such as this retired doctor who came to be vaccinated on Friday: “I have already offered my services to the Regional Health Agency (ARS), via the order of Doctors from Corrèze: it makes sense, ”explains the doctor who should be assigned to the Trois Provinces center, but has promised to help the hospital.

Less distrust of the vaccine

At the end of the week, the hospital center was in fact already very busy, like all the standards put in place to make an appointment in the other vaccination centers in the department (see below). “This Friday morning (January 15), we are full until January 26, specifies Michel Da Cunha. We feel much less mistrust of the vaccine than three weeks ago. “

Vaccine. The Brive hospital center, which can store the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine in a super freezer at minus 80 ° C, is supplied every week for the department. He received 4,875 doses on January 5; and as much the following week. It provides around forty public nursing homes in the department, hospitals and centers. He has already distributed 2,800 doses.

About thirty vaccinations at Cedars

The Les Cèdres medical and surgical center also started the vaccination campaign for its staff on January 7. As in the hospital, “we opened it to all health professionals,” explains Isabelle Bielli-Nadeau, director of the Cedars clinic. And from Tuesday, we will also vaccinate people over 75, thus supporting the system set up by the ARS. “

Remember, when Corrèze was vaccinated against influenza A H1N1

Three doctors, two from the Cèdres Diagnostic Assistance Center (MAD) and one from the geriatric service, take turns managing this site, with a secretary and a nurse: “We perform around 30 vaccinations per day. We get vaccines from the Brive hospital every week: we calibrate our request according to the number of people registered during the week to avoid losses. “

On Friday, requests for appointments flooded into the switchboard of the Cedars clinic: “We are not opening any more time slot before being sure to be restocked. “

Christine Moutte


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