vaccination rejuvenates gallop

A record week of vaccination was reached on Sunday in the Brussels-Capital Region: 74,000 doses were injected against Covid-19. It’s actually the busiest week so far. And that will only accelerate: this week of May 3, we expect 63,400 doses; the following week, 65,100.

What is remarkable is the rejuvenation of the age groups affected by the vaccine. A quarter of 45-54 year olds have already received a first dose (24%); half of the 55-64 age group (52%); and for 65-74 year olds, we are already at 70%. Since the end of last week, the Bruvax platform has already enabled people over 46 to register and over 41 to apply to be reservists. From week to week, the age will go down, depending on availability.

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The Brussels-Capital Region has an age pyramid that includes more young people, compared to other regions. We have to find a balance between continuing to motivate older people (72% of those over 75 have received a first dose) and not losing doses, and moving forward with vaccination.

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